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ok, wow – i’ve sucked at updating this blog… really really sucked.  it’s not like it gets that much action anyway but it’s sad just the same.

when i started atomic pop ink!, i wanted it to be all about my love of great ink.  not your drunken stupor tattoo flash shit, but really well done – personal – amazing ink. 

it’s time to get back to that.  i need to capture ink more often.  and i plan on doing so.  but – and this is where you the reader comes into play – i need your help.

i want this blog to celebrate the art of the tattoo in all it’s forms – and i want you to share your ink with the world.

send me a jpg of your tattoo, include a couple of words or sentences about what it means to you and i’ll post it right here.  oh, and it’d be really cool if you could tell me what you do day to day. 

so get to it boys (and girls?!, yes i think so – girls too)… send me your ink.


in honor of new robbie music over at the pop!, here’s some of robbie’s ink:





there’s just something about the placement of ink on a guys side (flank?)…. it kill’s me a lil’ – very, very sexy.



lot’s of people have been asking me to see more of my ink… here’s some of it (i’m missing photo’s of my shoulder… i should work on that):


right forarm.  don’t ask me what it is… i never tell anyone 🙂


right ankle; my only generic tribal thing (everyone’s gotta have one right?) – it does feature the kate bush symbol in it tho – so that makes it more “me”


other side of tribal band


left calf featuring dragon, tiger, crane, bamboo, water & a symbol from the i ching.


i love love love the crane. 




time for a couple pics of some amazing ink on some friends –

first up, gs:




and then there is rm and his rising phoenix:


there are few things i hate more than a black panther clawaing it’s way up a leg or arm – good god, get original boys:


sometimes just the hint of ink is hotter than a full sleeve….


new feature here at atomic pop-ink!  chastising the world for bad tattoo’s.  really – is it so hard to spend the extra couple of bucks and get something decent?  i should think not.

this gem, well – this is from a <eek> gay personals website. 


oh, and if your intersed this is what he has to say:

5′ 11″, 180, smooth… Looking to meet other with similar interests…
Hairy…Smooth…. Cut…U/C…… It’s all good! 

sorry all you top’s out there, this boy is a strict top. 

but i bet if you pet the kitty nicely he’d let you do anything… after all; ‘it’s all good’